Our Guarantee

Same tickets as you ordered, or better.

TicketFaster expects the sellers who list on our marketplace to provide the same, equal, or improved seating that they advertise. Sellers are expected to contact the customers in order to confirm any changes to seating that are significant in terms of section and row of their ordered tickets. If a customer receives a ticket substitution that they are not satisfied with, please contact TicketFaster. We can investigate the issue to find an agreeable solution for the customer and the seller.

Tickets will arrive before the event.

All physical orders will be delivered to the shipping address that the customer entered during checkout. The tickets are guaranteed to be shipped in sufficient time to ensure that at least one delivery attempt is completed before the event is set to occur. Note that the customer is personally responsible for making sure they are available to receive the ticket delivery when an attempt it made. TicketFaster will assist in coordinating your compensation with the ticket seller in the rare case that the order isn’t shipped or delivered in time for the event.

Tickets will be valid for entry.

All of the tickets sold on TicketFaster are guaranteed to be valid for entry to the specific event or amenity, such as parking or hotel), and as well as guaranteed to be authentic. Please contact your ticket seller if the venue says there is a problem with your order. Evidence of invalidity from the venue will need to be provided. This evidence is required so TicketFaster can obtain a refund from the ticket seller. This evidence can range from a letter from the venue or an email marked from venue personnel that verifies there was an issue scanning the tickets.

Refunds for cancelled events.

In the event that an event is permanently cancelled, TicketFaster will coordinate with the seller to provide a full refund of the order, excluding delivery fees. The seller may require the customer to return physical tickets before they issue a refund.